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Commission Work

Telling your story through ceramics and sculpture

Commissioning an original hand made art piece is a heartfelt way to celebrate an important story. Penny believes working on her commissioned art pieces are the most fun part of her career as an artist. As a retirement gift, a thank you gift, as a memory of a fabulous trip, or whatever the reason, Penny would love to be part of your story by creating a one-of-a-kind concrete or ceramic sculpture celebrating it.


One-of-a-Kind Tile Mural

Penny specializes in creating sculptural mosaics. Often comprised of thousands of individual pieces, these tiles murals are puzzled together to tell a story. Each shape and texture is meticulously hand sculpted. Every project is unique and designed to be site and area specific. Past themes have included: mountains, forests, oceans, sunflowers, and wild creatures.


For floors, kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, pool or hot tub areas, entryways, mantles, baseboards, and any where else you can dream it!

Vehicle Sculptures

A specialized vehicle: boat, kayak, SUV, car, camper van, plane, helicopter, motorcycle or toboggan with one human or one animal.


For each additional human or animal add $100.00

(Please note, size and detail may vary the price)


Animal Sculptures

Here is where the fun begins! An animal participating in human activities. Most recent series’ have been entitled ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’, 'Dogs in a PistenBully’, and ‘When Powder Hounds Go Cat Skiing’. You can just imagine all the possibilities.

Approximately $500.00

(Please note, size and detail may vary the price) 

Chairlift Sculptures

In Penny’s opinion, families that ski and ride the lifts together, stay together, and, are the happiest! These mantle top chair lift sculptures are made to depict your family, of skiers, riders and snowshoers with your dog(s) in the snow below.


For a family of 4 on one chairlift. $750.00

For each additional human or animal add $100.00

70's ski family birthday present.jpg

Dog and Pet Bowls (with Quirky Legs)

As with all of Penny’s work, each bowl is handmade and glazed (lead free, oven and dishwasher safe). Bowls are raised on quirky legs with large paws to stabilize and hold up the bowls. Many veterinarians recommend a raised eating bowl as help with digestion. The paws have cork paddings to help with overzealous eating so that the bowl does not moved around on hard floor surfaces. 


Also available for your pets: Pet urns (for that sad time) leash holders, treat containers, birthday cake and bake bowls. 

Ceramic Art

Usable art for dining! Bowls, large platters, mugs, candle holders and more! Full dinner sets can be commissioned. (Size and detail may vary.) Please contact Penny to discuss, price will be determined with consideration to the degree of detail and quantity of pieces produced. All ceramics are made with lead free glaze and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

In some cases you can even use them on the barbecue.

sea life collection.jpg
public art image.jpg

Outdoor and Public Art

Penny’s outdoor sculptures are made from a special mixture of concrete that contains additives to withstand frost and freeze. Each project is site specific and pricing can suit any budget. Examples of past outdoor sculpture have included: 3’ to 9’ bears, a map for the visually impaired, house numbers, fences, gates, outdoor pathway including small bridge. Perhaps you are dreaming of an entry to a secret garden? Or a large scale sculpture to compliment your outdoor space? 

Please Note: Each piece of hand-crafted art that Penny Eder creates is a one-of-a-kind. Therefore, commissioned pieces will not be exactly the same as the photographic examples shown here. Glazes and colours will also vary. Please allow 3-6 weeks for commission completion.

Contact the Artist

Please contact Penny with details of what you have in mind

and she will quote on each project individually. 


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