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Workshops & Events

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Check back often for NEW workshop announcements!

Upcoming workshops 2023. send me and email and you will put on the list for workshops

Hand building, tile making, sculpture and dish and bowl 


At Home Clay Club 

Get CREATIVE! Clay workshops at home in perfect Covid-19 style! Open to ALL ages and abilities. Pick up your clay package at Penny’s studio, or, alternatively she will mail it to you. Read the instructions and then go online for our scheduled Zoom session. Join Penny’s FB clay group for much more, including new monthly clay themes. Here 

The clay package includes: clay, underglaze, necessary tools, and printed instructions. Once you have completed the project, drop it off at the front gate of the studio and Penny will fire it for you. Then arrange to pick it up.


Duration: Zoom session is 2 hours - how long you spend on your project is entirely up to you! 

Cost: $25.00 per package (+shipping where applicable) includes materials and the Zoom instruction. 

Tile Mosaic Workshop

Beginners welcome! In this workshop you will learn the skills to create your own tiles for your kitchen, bathrooms or wall. You will learn the secrets to creating custom shaped & sculptural mosaics that will work to form a mural. Also you will learn the layout of design and the shapes to use. The workshop will cover hand building and tile making, as well as underglazing and glaze firing. The workshop includes demonstrations, a group project, and an individual project; all aimed at increasing your working knowing of using of clay as sculptural forms for tiles. You will complete a 18x24 inch tile mural suitable for your backsplash. Classes are small and personal max 6 people.


Duration: 2 classes of 3 hours

Includes: all materials

Cost: $300


The Concrete Sculpture Workshop

In this workshop, Penny will take you through the process of designing and building the appropriate armature structure for your sculpture. She will go over many forms and type of inner structure to help them stand rigid. Wire, rebar, metal meshes, and foam will be some of the basic materials utilized. You start by designing and sketching a sculpture with a stand from rebar. Then you will bend and attach wire to make a form to be covered with a concrete mixture. This is a full day workshop, open to everyone. The primary focus will be on mastering the basic wiring techniques.


Duration: 1 class of 2-3 hours

Includes: all supplies

Cost: $200

Private Instruction

Private classes with Penny can be arranged for yourself or a small group. Private classes are ideal if you have a specific project in mind,

and would like guidance to help in its completion. 


Duration: minimum 2 hours

Cost: $100/hour

wine about art image.jpg

Wine About Art

Sip… Relax… Paint… Laugh... 
A lively group activity for all creative levels.
You will paint your way through techniques and tannins, while sampling fine wine. The emphasis is on having fun & relaxing, with plenty of stories and creativity. You will complete a painting you can be proud of in just 2 hours!
Includes painting materials, apron, 12X20 canvas, and, of course, wine!
For more details, reservations, or to book your private party contact the artist.

Book your party for 4-10 people to Wine About Art. 
Bring Wine About Art to you! For any celebration: birthdays, showers, anniversaries, school reunions or, simply, a girl’s night out!


Themes include Picasso Portrait party, painting an animal (bear or dog). 

Art and Cultural Tours

Tours begin in beautiful Whistler Village where Penny will take you on a 3 hour guided tour of public art installations, hotel collections, some lesser known (and unsanctioned) but remarkable street art. As well, Penny will explain Whistler’s unique cultural history and tell you some mountain folklore. Learn about Whistler's art community and its artists (many of whom Penny knows personally). She will also share some fascinating and secret stories behind many of the public art installations. This is an unforgettable tour for those who collect and appreciate art.


Duration: 3 hours

Group Size: 4-25 people (group rates are available)

Note: Participants should wear comfortable walking shoes and be comfortably able to walk moderate distances.

Whistler Art and Cultural Tours, is locally owned and operated business since 2000. Initiated by the Resort Municipality of Whistler


Word of Mouth

I had the chance to witness many of Penny's events over the past 3 years at the Brew Creek Centre. She is a delight to work with and always comes prepared with all the needed art supplies. Her set up is efficient and she makes it easy for the guests to take parts in her workshops. People are often nervous thinking they don't have the talent needed to duplicate the project, but with Penny's expertise and easy techniques,  everyone is proud of what they were able to accomplish at the end!"

—  Marie-Claude Rousseau, Catering Manager

Contact the Artist.

Please reach out to me if you want to sign up for any of the upcoming workshop and events. Or if you want more information and dates.


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