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Ceramic Humpback Whale - Large

  • Ceramic Humpback Whale
    On a wooden stand

    From inspiration in Hawaii to the waters in the BC.

    The humpbacks have an ease of movement, with a curiosity and personality that makes each one individual.

    In real life these cetaceans have specific identifiable features- bumps, lumps, bites, scratches, shading and barnacles giving them personality.

    Most are identified by their tail fins, they also have distinct dorsal fin shape.

    Penny's ONE of A KIND sculptures- in various stages of playfulness, jumping or rolling are Mounted on a peice of west coast cedar, displaying their oversized flipper with tubercles.

    Approx. Size: 24” X 12” X 12”
    Shipping Weight: 12 lbs 

    Custom Shipping Recommended.

    *As each of Penny’s creations are one-of-a-kind,
    Colour, glaze, and overall look may vary slightly.

    Payment can be made via e-transfer to or by paypal.

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