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SOLD Seahorse Bowl

Out of Stock
  • Seahorse  bowl in teal. 

    This bowl is ideal for the west coast seafood chowder.

    its soft oval shape allows a hearty amount of your favorite soup to be served in.

    The vintage mystical seahorse gives you strength as you fortify your seafood craving.

    Note- these pieces are tactile, the seahorse chin and nose protrude into the top of the bowl and the fins on the back of the seahorse will aid in holding the bowl at just the proper slurping effect is achieved.

    Size: 10"x6"x7" (Fits Box #3 14x14x14)

    Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

    *Please keep in mind that as each item is one of a kind, colour, size, and overall look m ay vary slightly.

    Payment can be made via e-transfer to or by paypal.

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